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The sepa-cannabis branch is exclusively dedicated to the cultivation of medical and industrial cannabis in Greece. The company has consulting and construction departments to provide integrated services to investors from other countries who wish to invest in this new type of farming in our country. This means that the prospective client does not have to deal with any additional process regarding their investment because we take care of everything. Currently we are the only company in Greece that combines all the required investment work and that differentiates us from other companies.

Our integrated scientific team and a large network of technical collaborators can cover all the needs of the client throughout the process. Our certain success is based not only on our many years of experience in the construction industry and especially the four decades of experience in the greenhouse area but also on the comprehensive knowledge of the specific cultivation from projects that preceded in other countries.


Our services include the completion of all processes

We undertake all the necessary procedures in Greece with the minimum possible engagement of the client

Establishment of the Company

With responsible accountants, business consultants and legal advisors, we propose and realize the best solution regarding the legal form and type of the new business.

By interpreting the specific legislation, we advise you in the right direction, serving to the maximum extent the targets of the new business, setting from the beginning the right bases for a successful business path.

State License

A) Issuing of the 1st State License

(Installation License)

We undertake to carry out the entire process of granting Αpproval  for Installation of the Company.


B) Issuing of the 2st State License (Operating License)

We undertake to carry out the entire process of granting Approval for the Operation of the Company.


C) Marketing License

With full support from SEPA’s scientific team which consists from global special partners, we offer full documentation and certifications for any necessary process which involved in this phase. We can guarantee success as a result of our thorough knowledge and experience. Based to our good preparation the Greek Organization of Medicine which is a full member of European Medicinal Agency (EMA) will issue this License which enable investors and cannabis companies to sell their products within EU  and worldwide without limitations.

This service also includes the preparation of any possible document and service, which is required both for the licensing and for the proper operation of the business, until the installation is certified by the competent bodies and the company starts its operation.

Business  Consultancy

We provide you with multi-dimensional and continuous information, as well as advisory support at every stage and for every investment process, in order for your business to run quickly and properly.


Our consulting services also include the integrated organization and care of the plant operation in order to achieve the highest possible yield as a result of our specialized knowledge of the requirements of the particular crop.

We provide integrated teams of specialized scientists and well-trained workforce in order to support you with full confidence from the first steps of your new business.


Our consulting services also provide you with commercial agreements for your finished products , through a well-established global network.

Preparation and submission of a full application file for participation in the Greek Development Law 4399/2016, which is a form of state subsidy


Extra Consulting Services
Finding a trade mark, designing a logo, creating a brand identity, creating a website

According to the specific cannabis legislation in Greece, there are several criteria for selecting a suitable site.


Is our duty to ensure you that the selected land is harmonized to the authorities’ requirements and the operational specifications of the project.


Currently, we have a lot of available plots, existing buildings and greenhouses suitable for cannabis investment.

Land Availability

Greenhouse - Indoor Facility Design

Our competent design department, consisting of architects, civil engineers and mechanical engineers, provides the best solutions for a highly profitable business, according to the newest technologies.

The best results come with the collaboration of our specialized group of master growers and expert agronomists, aiming for detailed and accurate design and considering all the parameters that differentiate every project.

Development of Technical Studies

We cover all technical and scientific studies required in order for the new constructions to comply with the applicable Greek and international legislation.

We guarantee the legality regarding:

a) the construction of the facilities.

b) the greek building code

c) the specific Greek legislation concerning cannabis cultivation.

d) the compliance according to EU GMP, GACP, GLP, GDP or any other protocol is required.


Construction - Full equipment

Following a strict delivery schedule, we deliver the ready-to-operate facilities with  full equipment.

Our cooperated manufacturing lines cover every type of building and greenhouse construction, based on global trends, delivering the highest quality certifications.

Specialized workers under constant supervision of our engineers guarantee the fast delivery of promising new business.

We guarantee full compliance with the requirements of EU GMP, GACP, GLP, GDP with regard to materials, manufacturing methods and any cultivation, processing, laboratory and packaging - standardization equipment.


In general the cultivation of cannabis is divided into two categories:

Farming Types

Standard type

Cannabis Greenhouse.jpg

Perhaps this is the most popular worldwide standard. Following the classic greenhouse philosophy, the plants grow making use of the available solar energy.

This type of cultivation is highly suitable for Greece since it allows for the exploitation of its favorable climatic conditions. Furthermore, the energy costs are significantly lower compared to the 2nd type, see below

2nd Type Building - Grow Lights

That type of cultivation offers full climate control due to the fact that the whole area is a building.That means a relatively higher construction cost but promises bigger yields according to the opinions of a lot of cannabis experts. The cultivation procedure takes place exclusively with the use of technical lights.


Our Standards On Cultivation

Essential conditions for the best result


Absolute Environmental Control



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