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Managers available


CEO - Project Manager


Hire your company’s CEO and get rid of all procedural and organizational obligations. We provide experienced partners with international experience and expertise. This service includes a delivery vehicle as well as any transportation during your stay in Greece.


This service is adopted by our company in an effort to facilitate the whole process of setting up a Greek company and its licensing for cannabis. Following the experience of our other projects, we urge you to enjoy the benefits of hiring a Greek CEO.


The CEOs we provide could also provide you with Project Managers' services until your facility is completed and your company is ready to start.


In any case our available for hiring partners are experts in cannabis business and to carry out their usual work they bring together all the disparate aspects of theory, reality, vision, process, finances, value, politics and human nature to create successful outcomes.


During the licensing process but mainly after the start up of your company we can provide you with all the necessary additional administrative staff.

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